Friday, December 15, 2006

Kendall's Big Mess!

Well, while Trevor was on duty watching Kendall while I was at work she got into a little bit of trouble. Kendall came out into the living room with some clothes in her hands and he wondered where she got those from. So he followed her into her room and this is what he found. Her whole drawer was emptied out onto the floor. So we've learned that what they say is true. Once they learn to walk it's a whole new ball game. Please be praying for us. We are all kind of sick with head colds and we are supposed to fly to Wisconsin for Christmas next week and are afraid for Kendall's ears. So just pray we get better quickly and can still make the trip. Trevor's parents are so excited we are coming so we really need to be better soon! Thanks!

Monday, December 11, 2006

Trevor's First Sermon!

Trevor gave his first message in Fuel this past Sunday morning. Fuel is the Sunday School program for middle school and high school students at The Hub. Trevor leads worship for Fuel every week but this week he got to speak his heart on what true worshippers are. We have been doing a series on worship and everyone thought it would make sense for Trevor to give a sermon since he's the one that the teens look to as their example. He did a great job! If you want to listen to it you can download it as a podcast on iTunes. Just do a search for "The Hub Podcast" in the iTunes store and it will give you some choices and just find the one that has Trevor's name on it. Oh yeah it's free too.