Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Kendall Update!

Here are some new pictures of Kendall. She has four teeth now, two on the bottom that came in first and now her top two teeth are almost all the way out. It's too cute when she smiles with them showing now! We also moved her into the big tub. She cried at first but now she is used to it. She is getting smarter every day. She says cracker, ball, up, and makes a few animal sounds when you ask her to. She is just such a joy to watch grow up.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

A Green Wisconsin Christmas!

(Sorry! Something was wrong with the pictures I posted. Let's try this again.) We spent Christmas with Trevor's family in Eau Claire, WI this year. The weather was pretty good. A little ice but no snow for Christmas. We try to do every other year there so this was our year to travel. We decided to fly this time and see how it was. Let me tell you that we will never fly Northwest Airlines again. They were so terrible. I think we might just take the time and drive it. Plus we barely had enough room to pack presents to take home and if Kendall gets bored or wants to get out we can at least pull over and let her do that. I'll tell more details of our terrible flights later if you want but back to Christmas. We went to the Mall of America in Minneapolis which is always fun and we got to finish our Christmas shopping for his family. Then we just had a relaxing Christmas Eve at his parents house with the family after going to church in the morning. On Christmas day Trevor and I went to the movies to see The Pursuit of Happiness. I really recommend it. It was really good! And then we went home and relaxed. It was great to get away and have a time of relaxation and a break from the usual stuff here in New York. Hope you all had a great Christmas as well and Happy New Year!

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Making Christmas Cookies!

Hey Everyone -
Sorry it's been a while since we posted. We were away for Christmas and this was the first chance I had to sit down and work on our blog. I'll have more posts later of Christmas but here are some pictures of Kendall and Trevor making Christmas cookies before we left for Wisconsin. Kendall ate all of her frosting instead of actually making cookies but that was expected. Talk to you all soon.