Friday, December 21, 2007

Homeless at Christmas

Well, the house we are planning to buy still hasn't closed and we need to be out of the house we are living in this weekend. So we are homeless for the holidays. Boo Hoo! We are going to be moving in with my parents for a while until this all works out so I guess we aren't really homeless but it feels like we are very unsettled. Please be praying that we still can get the house and that we can close soon as soon as possible.

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Mornings at the Kaufmans!

Our mornings usually start at 7:00 around here which isn't too bad I must say. Kendall loves to snuggle with Daddy when he is up. He usually is the one who gets to sleep in since I have to feed the baby anyways. So he is the lucky one who gets to sleep in. Then he usually transfers to the couch with Kendall.

Kendall's 2nd Birthday

We still can't believe that Kendall is 2 years old now. These two years have just flown by. She is such a smart girl. She knows all her colors, she can do some harder puzzles, she sings all her nursery rhymes and sunday school songs, and is even wanting to get herself dressed. Sometime she comes out with her pants on backwards but she gets them on. Kendall wanted a Mickey Mouse cake for her birthday. She was so excited to blow out the candles that she blew them out as soon as we started the song. And then we had to sing the song 4 times so she could do it again. It was a really great party. Thanks to everyone who came and shared in her special day.