Monday, April 21, 2008

Kids and Mom!

I haven't had any pictures with the kids in a while so here are some updates!

Tree Stump

We had to get a tree stump ground up the other week. A tree fell over before we bought the house and a neighbor cut it all down. So Trevor and Kendall were out there raking it out and bringing all the mulch to the back yard. It has been so nice out here this past week. We were both on vacation last week so we got to work around the house a bit.

Camden is Crawling

Well it's official! Camden has mastered crawling. For a while now he was just army crawling but last week he finally figured out the leg part of it! It is getting crazier in our house since he is more mobil and can get into more things. Kendall is not liking it since he is starting to mess with her books and toys. But she will get used to it. I'm trying to teach her to call me if he is bugging her and not just yell at him to get away. We'll see if that works! Ha.