Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Update on Kids where to start with this girl. She is just too smart for our own good! She is still a little peanut and not growing hair very fast still. People keep telling me that it will come. I'm still waiting but not holding my breath. We are going to see Sesame Street Live on Saturday. So I will update more about that next week sometime. She loves to sing, read, watch the disney channel, color and so much more.
Camden will be six months already on the 10th. I can't even believe how quickly time is flying by. He is growing like a weed and soon will be heavier than Kendall! Yes it's true. He is starting to army crawl everywhere to get where he wants to go. He is also starting to steal kendall's toys and she is not too thrilled with that. He just found out he can make a "b" sound so all we have been hearing lately is bah bah bah bah. So that is fun! The biggest achievement to report on is that he is finally sleeping through the night! Thank you Jesus! It only took 6 months but he has finally mastered it. So we are finally catching up on some much needed sleep.
Still no final news on the house purchase. I'll update more on that when I can.

Monday, February 04, 2008

Play Time

Kendall is a major book worm which is good I guess except when she wants you to sit and read to her all day long and doesn't let you get anything else done around the house. She will pile up the highest pile of books and "read" to herself pretty well too. She knows all the names of books and you can hear her "reading" and saying words that we say on the pages. It is really cute. She also wants to play with whatever Camden is doing. She doesn't like when he has fun with out her. So here is her trying to be under his gym with him at the same time.

Trevor with the kids

Here are just a few pictures of Trevor hanging out with the kids. They are some cute pictures. We are still working on getting the house. We are going to give them a deadline and say we are walking away from it if they don't start getting somewhere on closing. We'll keep you posted.

Rock Star Kendall

Kendall loves to hold Trevor's Guitar Hero game guitar. She is following in her daddy's footsteps. She tries to play the game by just pushing buttons but doesn't make it very far! Ha! I'll let you know when she writes her first song.

Christmas Time

Sorry this is so late posted but we haven't had the internet with my parents so I am finally doing it here at work. Here are just a couple of pictures of Christmas. The kids in their Christmas outfits and also Kendall opening some Christmas presents. She was really overwhelmed with all the gifts and she was just in love with all of the books that she got.