Monday, February 04, 2008

Play Time

Kendall is a major book worm which is good I guess except when she wants you to sit and read to her all day long and doesn't let you get anything else done around the house. She will pile up the highest pile of books and "read" to herself pretty well too. She knows all the names of books and you can hear her "reading" and saying words that we say on the pages. It is really cute. She also wants to play with whatever Camden is doing. She doesn't like when he has fun with out her. So here is her trying to be under his gym with him at the same time.

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Gene and Annie said...

Grace loves books too! It has taken longer for Dax to love them but he likes them now too. The only thing i feel bad about is that I dont' read to them as much I would like! The last picture is such a great picture!! He looks so much like you and she looks so much like Trevor!!